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1510 Assorted Size Antique Gold Bronze Jumprings Open Jump Rings Storage Box


Brand n/a

Metal Plated Open Jump Rings. Best used with Pliers and a jump ring tool. This item includes the open jump rings and the box. There are 7 independent storage spaces to provide for maximum use.They are great for jewellery , sewing and artwork Box size 158mm long
Size: Approx
4mmx0.6mm (500pcs)
5mm x 0.6mm (300pcs)
5mm x 0.8mm (250pcs)
6mm x 0.7mm (200pcs)
7mm x 0.9mm (100pcs)
8mm x 1.2mm (80pcs)
9mm x 1mm (80pcs)

Colour: Antique Bronze Plated
Quantity: 1510 Assorted